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If the bubble doesn't show up when you click your wanted date that means it is booked, you can send us a message to make sure.

3pm check in, 10 am check out

Location: Afton MN. 2miles off of 94.
Welcome to the 4-Season Bubble where fantasy meets reality. Be prepared to be completely mesmerized as you lay in our luxurious queen size bed underneath a gorgeous starry sky. 
This absolutely clear and pristine dome is heated by an electric fireplace & a heat blower so this real life fairy tale is available to you all year long. And an ac fan for summer months.
Guests are blown away by the experiences that come from staying at the Bubble. There’s just something truly magical about being this submersed in nature and our location has something special to offer with every season. Watching beautiful soft snowflakes cascade around its walls & snuggling warmly in luxurious blankets while stargazing. Rainstorms have new meaning, sunsets and sunrises become even more of a life changing experience. It is truly something you have to experience first hand once - if not a million times & we are so excited to now offer this as one of our fantasy collection locations.And those summer days enjoying natures beauty.
You also will have your own VIP private outhouse located in the back right of the bubble. 

Ask about our hottub!
This location is a photographer’s dream, a once in a lifetime romantic get away, & just the perfect place to get away alone to reconnect with yourself and nature.
Be prepared to be completely swept off your feet in this glamorous, pristine, luxurious atmosphere that cannot be matched.
One stay will have you ready to book your next, & wondering what other properties we have available in our fantasy location series.
We look forward to hosting your magical adventure!

All donation proceeds of staying at the bubble go to running our adoption farm, farm food, rescue animals, maintenance. And we thank you, friend! 

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